“Effectively ends the debate on sales methodology - one size does not fit all. The Sales Agility Code reveals how every seller can be agile and meet the buyer where they are. I found a-ha’s in every section; your sellers will thank you – and so will your customers.”  

Tariq Sharif, Head of Global Revenue Enablement

A powerful, innovative, and proven-effective sales method that disrupts the one-size-fits-all approach that has dominated the field for too long.

Learn and Replicate

What the Highest-Performing Sales People do to succeed in an unpredictable and ever-changing market.

The world of sales has become less predictable and more competitive in recent years. Buying decisions are more complex, differentiation between suppliers is difficult to discern, and high-quality information is readily available. The salespeople who excel are agile―choosing a path based on the buying situations they face and re-assessing those choices often. Sales agility is defined as the ability to assess and make sense of the situation an individual is facing, choose the best way forward aligned to the situation, and then plan and execute the chosen path. Sales agility represents good decision-making that leads to successful execution.

In The Sales Agility Code, industry-leading sales training and development firm VantagePoint Performance, provides a framework so sellers can learn and replicate what the highest-performing salespeople do to succeed in an unpredictable and ever-changing market.

If you are a salesperson who is frustrated with a sales-centric, ineffective methodology The Sales Agility Code is for you. Based on decades of academic and applied research this book teaches a more agile sales approach than the all-too-common one-size-fits-all sales methodology, which research shows is effective only 25% of the time. VantagePoint’s data on high-performing sales managers and high-performing salespeople―gleaned from 10,000+ sellers and 1,600+ sales managers―proves that salespeople who can leverage multiple possible paths to determine the best approach are the ones who accomplish their growth targets.

You’ll learn how to:

With The Sales Agility Code, you have everything you need to understand the buyer, the buying situation, and the buyer’s needs so you can consciously choose the best approach for each stage in each deal―which will invariably result in more sales.

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