VantagePoint Performance is
now an Imparta company

VantagePoint Performance has joined forces with Imparta, a global leader in performance improvement for customer-facing teams, including sales and account management, negotiation, business acumen, customer success, customer experience, and sales management and leadership. This partnership solidifies our position as a prominent player in the industry, driven by innovation, research, and a shared commitment to results. The acquisition allows VantagePoint to leverage our game-changing solutions for decision-making and agility on a global scale, leveraging Imparta’s reach and expertise. Together, our combined research enhances the market’s most potent sales enablement and training solution.


Sales Management Code Training

Our comprehensive and highly practical training emphasizes how to align your seller’s efforts to organizational priorities and lead them to consistent execution and increased levels of performance.

Pipeline Coaching Code

Build healthy pipelines that result in predictable revenue—making executive pipeline conversations less stressful.

Sales Agility Code: Deploy Situational Agility and Win More Sales 

Learn and replicate what the highest-performing Sales People do to succeed in an unpredictbe and ever-changing market.

Sales Agility Code: Situational

Situational Agility is the key to unlocking seller potential. The Sales Agility Code Situational program teaches your sellers how to assess a buying situation, choose a selling strategy, and execute that strategy effectively.

The AgileEdge

Leverage your data to take the guesswork out of sales enablement.

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Sales Agility Code: Deploy Situational Fluency and Win More Sales

Learn and replicate what the highest-performing Sales People do to succeed in an unpredictable and ever-changing market.

  • Shift to a buyer-focus perspective and assess customer situations from multiple perspectives
  • Make sense of buyers’ situations by considering and weighing all available data and your own insights
  • Choose a sales approach that aligns with the customer situation with your prioritized sales objective
  • Execute a variety of sales tactics that will move the sales opportunity forward
  • Make in-the-moment adjustments as the buyer’s situation evolves

With The Sales Agility Code, you have everything you need to understand the buyer, the buying situation, and the buyer’s needs so you can consciously choose the best approach for each stage in each deal―which will invariably result in more sales.